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I am so excited to announce my participation in this project with the Muse Crew!  For those of you who don’t know, the Muse Crew is a group of ladies I meet with on a regular basis to critique our individual works, chit chat about writing in general, or laugh about our brilliant failures. It is because of the support of these ladies that I have been able to complete Sea of Dreams and Winds of Change, and my growth as a writer is due largely to them.  I thank the Universe everyday that these awesome talents were sent into my life.

We all write in different genres and have our own strengths and weaknesses, but what pulls us together is our love of the story. As we each researched and moved toward publishing our projects, we saw an opportunity to share our experiences… and the Muse Crew Review blog was born!

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We will be offering book reviews, writer support and a laugh or two on our blog which can be followed at: We encourage anyone who loves to write (or read) to check us out! Be sure to find and follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well! #writing, #selfpublishing, #themusecrew.