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Book Review: Kiss of the Highlander

kiss-of-a-highlander   By: Karen Marie Moning

“Gwen Cassidy needed a man. Desperately. Failing that, she’d settle for a cigarette.” – Kiss of the Highlander.

I loved Gwen and I loved this story! The sense of humor is one I can appreciate, the characters have strong voices and relatable issues, and there is just enough magic to pull it all together. Although Gwen and Drustan are from worlds hundreds of years apart, they are able to make sense of each other’s worlds through their understanding of science. Hers from a background in physics and his from being a druid. The quotes at the beginnings of the sections were fun to read and it is evident that the author did a great deal of research.

Definitely an author that will be finding her way to more places on my bookshelf!