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Would love a Follow! @SarayBooksDA

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I am in the final stages of production for the second book in my Power of Four series, and thought this would be a good time to remind everyone of where they can follow me.

For those of you interested in reading my genre, which is Magical Fantasy with a bit of spicy Romance, I am active on quite a few social media channels. If you have come across this post, and this genre isn’t for you but you know who may like it, please pass it along.  I would love to answer questions about my books, what I am working on next, and to chat about the trials and tribulations of my writing life.

For Facebook users, you can follow my page at: saraybooksllc

For Twitter, you can follow me or send tweets at: @SarayBooksDA

On Pinterest, you can see my inspiration boards at:

On Instagram, posts can be followed at: dahenneman

Google Plus users can find me at: D.A. Henneman – Author

On Goodreads:

Sign up for updates and goodies:

So whether you Like, Tweet, Pin or Post (or all of them), please check out my links and help me to find more awesome readers like you!

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