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#MythicalCreatureMonday – The Fates


Known as the Moirai in Greek Mythology and Parcae in Roman legends, the three Fates regulate the destiny of all humans from birth to death by maintaining the metaphorical thread of life. Unlike the sisters featured in the Power of Four series, the Fates are often described as old and ugly. It was thought that after a child was born they would arrive to determine that child’s destiny, one sister to create the thread, one to measure it, and the last to cut it short if necessary. Because of these beliefs, this post I found links the myths to one of my favorite fairy tales, Sleeping Beauty, which I found fascinating.

Other cultures have their versions of the powers that control destiny, such as the Sudice in Slavic Mythology and the Norns in Norse Mythology. While the cultures tell these stories in a wide variety of ways, there is a common theme, or thread if you will, between them all. There is no messing with Fate!

How does destiny play a roll in your #WIP? Drop me a comment below, I would love to know!

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2 thoughts on “#MythicalCreatureMonday – The Fates”

  1. Destiny actually plays a huge role in my new WIP. It’s about two women who were rich and successful and had it all, but they lost it. Then, totally by accident, they become rich again, as if they were destined to live a certain life and be on a certain path and no matter how often they walk away from it, this life comes back to them.


    1. I love stories like that! Would be so interesting to show how it impacts their thought process, or if they change along the way. Is the life that keeps coming back to them a good one? So intrigued!


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