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Holiday Book Promotions You Won’t Want To Miss!

I am forever amazed and humbled by the giving nature of the writing community. I have met some beautiful souls that continue to share what they learn and strive to give back to the folks that support their journey. There are some fantastic promotions going on for the holidays, and I wanted to mention a few here for readers who are looking to support an author in the Indie Community. Any support you give will be truly appreciated, even Likes, Retweets and Shares mean the world! Reviews even more so!

If you are on Twitter, you absolutely must check out #indiecember – A wonderful Bingo-style game created by @_Megan_Tennant which allows you to mark off squares for every Indie book you purchase and do a review for. To find a list of prizes, or for more information, check out her site at: By the way, Playing with Fire covers: Gold on Cover, Romance or Erotica, Fantasy and 0-5 Amazon Reviews. 🙂

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#Dectheshelves hosted by @MelanieAThurlow is great to follow in that she is purchasing 1 book a day from the Indie Community until Christmas. It is a great hashtag to follow if you are looking for something new to read and have no idea where to start! Indie Authors, make sure you use this hashtag when you post a link of your book, you never know you might make someone’s list!


For those not on Twitter, a writer friend of mine, Lynn Hooghiemstra, is hosting a Holiday Book Boost on her blog. She is spotlighting an author a day through Christmas, and I was honored to be her Book Boost #5. For anyone interested in reading the post, you can check it out here. While you are there, be sure to check out the other fine authors she has lined up! Her site is:

For anyone on Facebook looking for their new favorite author, there is a 12 Days of Christmas Book Buying event hosted by Rose Montague that is worth checking out! Readers can post their likes and dislikes, and the authors will come to you! Find the event under


I will be hosting an Author promotion for the 12 Days of Christmas – Writer Style through my blog and will be showcasing an author a day starting Christmas morning. The posts will run through January 5, 2019, and a post explaining more about my promo will be going out on December 22nd. Be sure to look for it! I will be introducing some fantastic romance writers, you won’t want to miss it!

This is a great time of year to stock up on books so you can cozy up with a story or two (or ten) when the weather turns cold. These promotions are a great way to support the Indie Community and who knows, you might find your new favorite author!

Happy Reading! XO