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Ninth Day of Christmas – M.K. Schiller

For the Ninth day of Christmas…Writer’s Style, I am happy to introduce you to M.K. Schiller. She took on the role of President in our RWA Chapter and keeps us informed on the happenings in the Romance Industry. If I’ve missed anything, I can count on her to bring it up at our meetings. She’s been great fun to work with!


M.K. writes Women’s Fiction and Romance. This is the blurb from one of her latest releases, Tin Man’s Dance.

Tin Man’s Dance

The one time Lilly Franklin rewards herself with a front-row concert ticket is turning into an epic fail. Not to mention the tall, cocky boy who claims her front-row seat is all wicked smiles, long legs and tug-worthy hair. Well, he’s messing with the wrong girl. But as the night wears on, Lily starts to see a softer side of former marine, James “Hutch” Hutchinson. A side that makes her shed her loner inhibitions along with her clothes.

There is a difference between trouble and troubled. In Hutch, she has found both. 

Hutch lost more than a leg in the Iraqi desert. Returning to school on the GI Bill wasn’t exactly in the plans…but plans change. Now he only wants to meet the mysterious dancer, but he’s forgotten how to talk to women, especially one as graceful as Lilly. So armed with a plan that even a twelve-year-old would laugh at, he steals Lilly’s seat. 

Only fair since she stole his heart first. 

But Lilly has plans, too. As if Hutch’s life wasn’t already a sh*t storm of sacrifice. 

How can he give up the one thing that’s made him feel real? 

To learn more about the books that M.K. writes, be sure to check out her website at!  She can also be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo and Goodreads.

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