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So many promotions…so little time!

I love fall and October is by far one of my favorite months! Since the weather is turning cooler, I thought it would be fun to run some sales to give folks the opportunity to download a book or two. Seems I may have gone a little overboard with the promotions. I suppose the book I chose to promote this month is appropriate in that case… – Sea of Dreams – Free EBook!

The Ebook version of Sea of Dreams will be free for Barnes and Noble Customers between October 1 and October 29, 2019, and can be downloaded by using this link:

If you have read my novelette, The Jinni’s Wish, Book One takes place about 60 years after that. Sea of Dreams was my debut novel and features Brooke who harnesses the element of water. – Twist of Fate – Free EBook!

My prequel to the series, Twist of Fate, takes place about 10 years prior to The Jinni’s Wish. It is currently on Kindle Unlimited, so for those subscribers, it is always available at no extra charge. But for 3 days, even non-Kindle Unlimited subscribers will be able to download my prequel for free!

On October 30, 31 and November 1, 2019, follow the link below to get your copy! Fair warning, this is not marketed as romance, but it does tie in with the rest of the series. Think of it as my special gift to you in celebration of my all time favorite holiday!

This title is currently exclusive to Amazon. – Sea of Dreams – Free EBook!

For my International friends who use Kobo, I haven’t forgotten about you! Sea of Dreams will be free starting October 21 and the promotion will run through October 27, 2019 (US date/ 9 a.m. EST). There will be other free books that you will want to check out, and the link to get you there directly can be found here after the sale starts.

I also have a Free Novelette entitled The Jinni’s Wish, which readers can only get by subscribing to my newsletter. By downloading it, you will have the first three books of my series, so be sure to take advantage of these promos! You can subscribe at:

If you like my work, please consider leaving a review at your vendor of choice. It helps readers like you find authors like me! Reviews can be left at any (or all) of the following:

Now that fall is here in my part of the world, I will be traveling less and writing more, which honestly suits me just fine. It was a busy summer and I have a ton to catch up on! This final book will be challenging, in that I have a lot of loose ends to tie up. If you have read the series, I would love to know what plot points interest you the most. Which character do you connect to? What types of questions do you have? 

Leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you! In the meantime, Happy Reading! XO