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Author Showcase: Fifth Day of Christmas – Madelyn March

For the Fifth Day of Christmas – Writer Style, I would like you to meet my friend Madelyn March. She is one of my Critique Partners and quickly became one of the voices in my head as I write. A lot of my scenes wouldn’t be what they are today had she not asked me to “tease” out a thought or “show” something instead of telling. She has a wonderful way of showing what makes her character’s tick, which makes sense since her genre is women’s fiction with psychological elements.

Her latest release The Giving House is up for sale now. Here’s a blurb:

The Giving House

Harriet Jareck is dying. Cancer snakes through her brain, eradicating her short-term memory and her ability to recognize faces. It’s not looming death that scares her—she’s had a long life on the farm she loves. What she fears most is dying before she’s been forgiven for her worst sin. She’s dedicated her life to repenting for that sin, but she worries that it’s not enough. She feels called to tell the whole story—every disturbing detail—to seek forgiveness, not knowing who listens or whether she has enough time left in her to finish.

To learn more about the books that Madelyn writes, be sure to check out her website at She can also be found on Amazon and Goodreads!

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