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Author Showcase: Eighth Day of Christmas – Isabelle Drake

For the Eighth day of Christmas…Writer’s Style, I am thrilled to introduce you to Isabelle Drake. She is an amazing author and host of the most fantastic write-in a girl could hope for! I am super productive at her house, it must be the haunted table she has in her den!

Isabelle writes the “nicer side of naughty” but also dabbles in Young Adult Suspense and Erotic Horror. Here are some blurbs from Everglades Wildfire and Make Me Blush.

Everglades Wildfire

After a summer of hot sex with alligator rancher Rick Belleair, Amber Hill returns home to complete her graduate studies. As much as she wants to forget the dominating man who haunts her reckless fantasies, she must go back to him one last time. Her plan: is to get what she needs, then leave.

Dark family secrets keep Rick tied to his painful past and make him determined to protect those he loves, even if he has to hurt them to do it. When Amber returns to the Everglades, asking Rick to release her once and for all, he agrees to her request, but he has one of his own.

Make Me Blush

Three men: risking everything for the women they love…
The result: three stories of wild, over-the-top sexy satisfaction and three happily-ever-afters.

Pink Lace
Edward knows his wife wants more than his usual, so he signs a contract with Winona, a woman who creates custom experiences. He expects a simple lesson in seduction, something to spark Kelly’s interest, but as he settles in front of newly installed video monitors he realizes he’s been neglecting his wife’s beautiful wild side.

Pink Bow
In a luxurious house on the beach, where couples gather to privately enjoy a taste of freedom, Abby’s about to experience the hottest gift a husband can give.

Wicked Pink
If Matthew knew how intensely Tara, his gorgeous raven-haired wife, loves him, he might not deliver her into the arms of his best friend, Dan. Dan thought he’d left behind his life filled with exotic tastes. But when given a chance to put his talents to use, he realizes that knowing how to unleash a woman’s wicked side has advantages.

To learn more about the books that Isabelle writes, be sure to check out her website at!  She can also be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Goodreads.

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