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Author Showcase: Tenth Day of Christmas – Heather Novak

For the Tenth day of Christmas…Writer’s Style, I am thrilled to introduce you to Heather Novak. She is a positive force on our GDRWA Board, and I am so in love with her hair! Sex-positive experiences and consent are things she is passionate about reflecting in her fiction.

Heather writes Romance in sub-genres ranging from Paranormal to Romantic Comedy. This is the blurb from one of her latest releases, Fire Trucks, Garter Belts & My Perfect Ex.

Fire Trucks, Garter Belts & My Perfect ExBook 2 in the Edie’s Automotive Guide series

After facing the same health scare that took her mother, adult film star Vera Eastman sets out on a road trip to finish her mom’s bucket list. First stop, the hometown she escaped the moment she graduated. Her defiant arrival puts her face-to-face with her first love—her first everything—Jack Reeves.

Jack’s still the guy who can steal her heart with a smile, but he hasn’t forgiven her for leaving, and avoiding him proves difficult. Not only is he her grandma’s neighbor, but Grandma pays Jack to mow the lawn shirtless, and his firefighter job has him frequently rescuing Vera, as her ability to find trouble—was it her fault the ladder on the water tower broke?—becomes as formidable a matchmaker as her grandma.

Small-town-itis must be contagious. That’s the only explanation for Grandma’s stupid cat being in love with Jack’s damn dog, for Vera’s sudden urge to move home, and for her falling for Jack all over again. Eating chocolate body paint out of the jar can’t even help her with this mess.

Buckle up for another wild ride through Grenadine!

To learn more about the books that Heather writes, be sure to check out her website at!  She can also be found on Amazon and Goodreads.

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