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Author Showcase: Twelfth Day of Christmas – Jewel E. Leonard

For my final day of Christmas…Writer’s Style, I am ecstatic to introduce you to Jewel E. Leonard. She is the only person I know that can swim in a mermaid tail and her creativity knows no end! I swear she can make just about anything! We connected on Twitter after realizing that our books, while written in very different sub-genres, had loads in common!

Jewel writes Paranormal Steampunk and Fantasy Romance and has a rich and colorful imagination. She has created a fantastic world in the wild west, with mechanical elements that are surprising but at the same time realistic. Here is a blurb from Alight in her Witches Rede series:

Alight (The Witches’ Rede) (Volume 1)

Maeve lives a charmed life in the small desert town of Redington in Arizona Territory-where spousal prospects are sorely lacking, career choices are shamefully limited to the saloon, and Death himself has a vendetta against her. All Maeve wants is her independence but 1883 society has decidedly different expectations for her.

Enter Shadow Wolf: notorious for his dark reputation and grotesque mechanical arm. The gunslinger, a suspiciously werewolf-esque man whose social situation bears some obnoxious similarities to Maeve’s, has found his place among the masses by walking on the wrong side of the law. 

When Maeve stumbles upon Shadow Wolf’s scheme to rob a stagecoach, he forces her to choose between her life or breaking the witches’ Golden Rule. Despite certain karmic retribution, Maeve relies on her wit and a sprinkling of magic to survive the heist. When nothing goes according to plan, she finds herself not just on the ride of a lifetime, but also roped into an unanticipated romance with a sexy bandit at the reins.

To learn more about Jewels’s writing, be sure to check out her website at!  She can also be found on Amazon and Goodreads.

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