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Author Showcase: Twelve Days of Christmas – Writer’s Style – Recap of 2019 Event!

At the end of 2019, I shared some posts showcasing some amazing writers with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They have listened to me burble about my imaginary friends, lifted me up when I was feeling down, and provide endless advice to me as I push ahead in my writing journey. I have learned so much from each and every one of them, and I hope that if you didn’t have a chance to check out my posts during the holiday, that you will take this opportunity to check them out now.

Posts can be linked to from this page. The genres these ladies write are varied, and their stories are definitely worth checking out! If you happen to purchase one of their books, please be sure to leave a review on Goodreads, Book Bub, or your vendor of choice, it really helps authors out! It also helps readers, like you, find new books to read, which is a win-win for everyone!

Recap links to my fabulous author friends:


Day #1 – Dana Nussio – Inspirational and Romantic Suspense


Day #2 – Aliza Mann – Paranormal and Contemporary Romance


Day #3 – R.C. Matthews – Gothic, Paranormal, Erotic Romance


Day #4 – Meka James – Contemporary and Erotic Romance


Day #5 – Madelyn March – Women’s Fiction, Psychological


Day #6 – Aila Stephens Romance, Southern Gothic & Women’s Fiction


Day #7 – Linda Bradley – Women’s Fiction, Romance


Day #8 – Isabelle Drake – Young Adult Suspense, Romance & Erotic Horror


Day #9 – M.K. Schiller – Women’s Fiction & Romance


Day #10 – Heather Novak – Paranormal & Romantic Comedy


Day #11 – Lynn Hooghiemstra – Young Adult Sci-Fi & Historical Fiction


Day #12 – Jewel Leonard – Steampunk, Contemporary & Erotic Romance

Thanks to everyone that Liked, Shared and Retweeted my posts over the course of this promotion! Your support is always appreciated!

Happy Reading Everyone! XO