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Author Showcase: Second Day of Christmas – Aliza Mann

For the second day of Christmas Writer Style, I would like to introduce the beautiful Aliza Mann! She writes sexy and heartfelt Contemporary Romance along with stories with Paranormal and Fantasy elements. She and I share our love of everything fantasy, and she always suggests the best books! I also have her to thank for my meeting J.R. Ward. Aliza has a wonderful way of getting you to do things out of your comfort level by giving you a calm smile and saying “go on and get in there,” which is exactly what I did that day at the conference. She even gave me the courage to snap a pic so I have proof of my top-notch fan-girling. Some of my best memories at the 2019 RWA Conference include Aliza’s smiling face, and I look forward to many more memories in the years to come.

She was the first person I met at GDRWA, and went out of her way to make me feel welcome. It can be intimidating walking into a room-full of strangers, but her welcoming and calming presence is what had me feeling at home in no time. I am so fortunate that the universe brought this lady into my life.

You can check out her books on Amazon, by clicking here. In the meantime, check out the blurbs for her latest books here:


Jessie Workings was no better for the battle upon returning home from his fourth tour. Having had to deal with the consequences of the Afghan war, his emotional stability was called into question by his commanding officer, leading to some much needed rest and relaxation, albeit in the form of a mandated psychological evaluation. There was , however, a bright side of being forced to come home and deal with the battlefield that was his mind. Chloe.

The memory of Chloe VanHorn had warmed him during those bitter nights on tour and now he would see his high school sweetheart once again. Jessie’s only concern was his inability to provide her with what she wanted more than anything – a deeper, and more committed, relationship with him. For years, he’d skated by with offering only scraps of his love but this time, he wonders whether it will be enough.

As he deals with confronting his darkest guilt and sorting through his feelings on returning to the Marine Corp., all that he’s ever really known, can he explore a more meaningful relationship with Mavis? If he can’t, will Chloe stand for continued exclusion from his life after all these years? In answering these questions, Jessie struggles with the most difficult battle he’s ever faced. The one for his heart.

Breaking His Rules

An international playboy finds true love in a sexy new standalone contemporary romance from Aliza Mann.
Ashton Lyle is a man in control. His rules are simple:
Hard work.
No deviation.
And lucky for him no one is able to resist his mega-watt smile, dazzling wit, sexy British accent, and ability to manipulate any situation in business . . . and in bed.
That is, until he meets a woman with rules of her own.
Terra Ellis is a self-made woman who knows what she wants.
A successful entrepreneur, she has worked hard to cultivate an impeccable image.
A tumultuous relationship with her ex-husband has reinforced her drive but it has also made her question serious relationships.
After all, a busy woman has no time for romance.
That is, until Terra meets a man who sees through her façade.
Ashton and Terra are about to discover that some rules were made to be broken. . . .

To learn more about the books that Aliza writes, be sure to check out her website at! She also has an active Facebook Group, that you can link to here.