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Kobo – Free Book! 3/15/21 to 3/21/21

For the week of March 15 through March 21, 2021, you will be able to download the first book in my new series for free! If you have been wanting to check it out, now is the time!

Love For All Seasons

The seasons aren’t cooperating, and Hecate’s rosemary supply is dwindling. She needs a solution for growing her crops or her spells just won’t be the same. Hermes is willing to help but it comes with a price, the least of which is the two of them dabbling in the love life of Hades, the God of the Underworld.

In addition to setting Hades up on a blind date, Hermes demands Hecate spend 24-hours alone with him. That isn’t what concerns her the most since she has added stipulations of her own. But the trickster has made it clear that he won’t settle for anything less than her heart. Is Hecate ready to pay the price?

I also have a novelette placed in my Fantasy Romance world that is free for my subscribers! The story falls between my prequel, Twist of Fate, and Sea of Dreams – Book 1, and is a great way to dive into the series! Learn more by clicking below!

The Jinni’s Wish

Desperate to find the source of his power before it falls into enemy hands, a powerful Jinni must accept help from a widow, whose caution might eclipse even his. Will they discover that trust in each other is the biggest risk of all?

The download for The Jinni’s Wish is ongoing, but the FREE download of Love For All Seasons expires March 21, 2021! Get your copy today!