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E-Book Fair! May 2022!

I am part of a fantastic Book Fair, which runs through the month of May 2022! Close to 350 books are included, and you can find the special sale pricing by following this link:

I am running a special on Library 1 which can be purchased for only .99! That is only .33 for each book! There are tons of other authors included in this fair, so please be sure to check out any that interest you as they are all on special this month!

Library 1 includes my Dark Fantasy prequel – Twist Of Fate, my never released before novelette, The Jinni’s Wish, and Book 1 – Sea of Dreams!

After reading Library 1, if you decide you need to learn about the rest of the story, Library 2 includes Book 2 – Winds Of Change, Book 3 – Playing With Fire, and the final book in the series, Heaven On Earth all for $9.99.

Interested? Read on, or click the images for more details!

Series Blurb

The Fates couldn’t maintain balance in the Universe… so they found four women who could. 

Chaos is coming. Four women from varying backgrounds, and with different goals for their lives, find they are destined to embody the powers of Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. To add more trouble to their lives, they have met some intriguing men they aren’t sure they have time for.

The Shadowman, a frightening force who is no longer in control of his master, has a growing need to absorb the elemental powers. When the women are forced to fight him they realize the importance of honing their new skills and working as a team.

Armed with magick, friendship, and love, they unravel the secrets of the past. The Shadowman’s control of Wisteria is only the start. It is only a matter of time before his evil is so strong that even the combined Power of Four won’t be able to stop him.

Power Of Four – Library 1 includes full versions of:
Twist of Fate (Prequel), The Jinni’s Wish (Novelette), and Sea Of Dreams (Book 1)

Power Of Four – Library 2 includes full versions of:
Winds Of Change (Book 2), Playing With Fire (Book 3), and Heaven On Earth (Book 4)

Remember to check out all of the other offerings at the Book Fair link! In the meantime, happy reading and Embrace the Journey! XO