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And the Winners are… Blind Date with a Romance Book

We have our winners and packages will be going out shortly! Announcing the first names only to keep their identities private, congratulations to:







I wanted to thank everyone who participated in my drawing, and hope that if you come across a Romance book in need of love, you will take a chance on it! I have a list started of some romance books I will be reading over the summer. Hope you find something to add to your TBR as well! Let me know what you are currently reading in the comments I love adding new books to my list!

List of books DA is planning on diving into:

Scotsman In The Stacks – by Alana Oxford

Dark Revelations – by Aliza Mann

His Christmas Bride – by Dana Corbit Nussio

Third Man On The Left – by Roni Hall

Unbranded – by Linda Bradley

Slow Dancing In A Black Storm – by Tana Jenkins

Servant of the Undead – by Isabelle Drake

For anyone interested in adding a Fantasy Romance to their TBR, feel free to check out my Power Of Four Series by clicking here. I now have the complete series split into 2 libraries (Book Bundles) for those who are looking for an entire series to read.

If you are looking for fun short reads while you are on the go, and you love Greek Mythology retellings as much as I do, check out my Goddesses In Love series by clicking here.

Happy reading everyone! XO