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Athena’s Challenge Launches 2/5/23!

One is hiding their identity, and the other is trying to understand theirs.

I’m thrilled to announce that Athena’s Challenge, Book 3 in my Goddesses In Love series, is releasing on February 5, 2023! This story is brought to you by my readers, who were polled and asked which goddess deserved a happily-ever-after next. The response was overwhelmingly in support of Athena, who was introduced in Medusa’s Secret. After getting to know her better in this story, I can honestly say I absolutely agree and I am so glad my readers set up the introduction.

Athena’s character came to me fully formed and had her opinions right from the beginning of Medusa’s Secret. What I struggled with early on was updating her stories while also staying true to the myths. In my mind, she was a complicated character, a virgin but also the goddess of war. A superior horsewoman, but also a teacher and supporter of home and hearth. A goddess raised without a mother, but who remained nurturing and was beloved by those who worshipped her. The biggest challenge was finding a love interest for her that could appreciate all of her facets… then along came Tiresias.

Tiresias has a few stories that involve him, which I plan to touch on in another post, but the Myth that caught my attention was the one that caused him to live as both a man and a woman. Because Athena’s attitude was “Love is Love” right from the start, I knew I had found her love match. Now for their story…

Athena’s battle with Poseidon, to name and rule Athens, came to me as I researched, and was a clear winner when I found out what she won with. Having simplicity and practicality win over flamboyance, was something I was super interested in writing. Not to mention, I adore olives! The result was a book that examines the need to feel loved no matter who you are, and the idea that empathy and understanding are some of the greatest tools we have in our human experience toolbox.

This series is not as spicy as my Power Of Four series, but still includes some sexy bits that fade to black. This book features LGBTQ characters and is my take on what really happened with Tiresias when he was changed to a woman by Zeus. If it sounds like something that would interest you, please check out the blurb below.

Athena’s Challenge Blurb

Faced with the possibility of having her beloved city of Athens governed by Poseidon, Athena goes on a quest to find the perfect gift for humanity. What she finds, instead, is a friendship with an unlikely ally who has her questioning her very purpose.

Tiresias lives simply, spending the days propagating new varieties of plants and conducting research. Little does he know that the unnamed plant he is working on could be the very thing that keeps a cherished goddess on her throne.

Athena must make a choice…save her people from a known tyrant or stay with the person who has stolen her heart. The goddess’s decision should be easy, but she is no longer thinking like one.

Goddesses In Love:

Book 1 – Love For All Seasons (Hecate & Hermes with Persephone & Hades)

Book 2 – Medusa’s Secret (Medusa & Perseus)

Book 3 – Athena’s Challenge (Athena & Tiresias)

Book 4 – Web Of Lies (Arachne & Morpheus) – Coming Soon!

All of these stories are novelettes and translate into about a 2-hour read. I have them priced at .99 and they are available in e-book versions only at the following sites:

For anyone interested in checking out any of my other stories, my universal book links will take you anywhere you would like to go! In the meantime, happy reading and Embrace the Journey! XO

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