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Cast A Spell Witch Promotion

If you like Witchy Books… Check out this Promotion I am part of in May 2023!
Library 1 bundle includes my Dark Fantasy prequel – Twist Of Fate, my novelette, The Jinni’s Wish, and Book 1 – Sea of Dreams and is Zilla approved! Don’t know who I’m talking about? Read my series to find out!

Use this link to check out the promotion!

Series Blurb

The Fates couldn’t maintain balance in the Universe… so they found four women who could.

Living one life, but destined for another, four women unravel the secrets of past mistakes armed with magick, friendship, and the love of men sent into their lives by Fate. Their first step will be harnessing the powers of Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. The second will be embracing changes to the futures they had planned for themselves.

A toxic force known as the Shadowman seeks a way to control the powers of the elements. It is only a matter of time before his evil spreads so widely that even their combined powers won’t be enough to stop him from corrupting our world. All worlds.

He who controls the elements controls the balance. Without balance… well you get the picture.

And so, it begins…

Power Of Four – Library 1 includes full versions of:

Twist Of Fate (Dark Fantasy – Prequel)

The Jinni’s Wish (Romantic Fantasy – Novelette)

Sea Of Dreams (Contemporary Fantasy Romance – Book 1)

Not sure you want to commit to an entire series quite yet? No worries! You can download Sea Of Dreams anywhere you can find my books… for free! Just click on the image below and it will take you to my Universal Book Links! P.S. I can travel with you so don’t let your vacation plans stop you!

There is extra good news for Kobo customers! Their Kobo Plus program is now available in the US and UK! For anyone who loves subscription models for reading, you can check out their program here: What is awesome is that they have an ebook and audiobook subscription model available, or you can do both! And all of my ebooks are part of the Kobo Plus subscription, so be sure to download them there if you haven’t already!

For anyone interested in checking out any of my other stories, my universal book links will take you anywhere you would like to go! In the meantime happy reading, and Embrace the Journey! XO

And if you are still curious about who Zilla is… you can follow her on Facebook, where she shares WAAAAY too much about herself and what is on her mind. Follow if you dare.

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