Sea of Dreams

In a land that parallels ours, a great evil lies in wait. To defeat it, Brooke must face her worst nightmare.

Just when Brooke Fisher thought she had a handle on her anxiety, strange things start to happen. In addition to her hair turning green, she has had nothing but cold showers and iced coffee for weeks. When the man starring in her nightmares walks into her reality, she must determine their connection.

The beautiful woman Will Engel has met is complicated in a way that speaks to him. As he helps her unravel the clues in a mysterious journal, he finds that their pasts are intertwined in a way that defies all logic.

As the threat of the Shadowman grows stronger, their journey takes them to a magical land that parallels their own. What they find there not only confirms Brooke’s destiny as the element of Water, but Will’s as well.

New Age Magick. Mystical & Paranormal Creatures. Empowered Heroines and Supportive Heroes. With the addition of an HEA, this series has it all! Click to start your reader library today!

The complete series:

Prequel: Twist of Fate (Fantasy lead in to the series)

Novelette: The Jinni’s Wish (Fantasy Short)

Book One: Sea of Dreams

Book Two: Winds of Change

Book Three: Playing with Fire

Book Four: Heaven on Earth

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