Winds of Change

2018 Golden Quill Contest Finalist – Paranormal Category

In a world that parallels her own, Amie must unlock the secret to her destiny. One in which she embodies the element of Air.

A persistent ex-boyfriend is the least of Amie Petridis’s concerns. After a cryptic tarot reading, winged creatures start to show up more noticeably in her life. Their energy is especially prominent after a sexy U.S. Air Marshal breezes into her life.

Although Aleck has a painful secret that had kept him from getting close to anyone in the past, his attraction to the feisty pilot can no longer be denied. During a romantic getaway to the land of her heritage, they stumble upon a portal to a magical world. Amie’s connection to the element of Air is cemented and her destiny is sealed.

They have both been dealt a hand by Fate which they will have to embrace. They will also learn they aren’t the only ones who have had to make sacrifices. Amie is the second element that has been found, and what they do next will determine if the final two elements can be found. Balance must be restored.

A fantasy romance with touches of paranormal and magick, Winds of Change is the second installment in the Power of Four series. Join these women on their journey to finding the elements missing in their lives. Click the link above to read Amie and Aleck’s story!

The Complete Series:

Prequel: Twist of Fate (Fantasy lead in to the series)

Novelette: The Jinni’s Wish (Fantasy Short)

Book One: Sea of Dreams

Book Two: Winds of Change

Book Three: Playing with Fire

Book Four: Heaven on Earth

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