Athena’s Challenge

One is hiding their identity, the other is trying to understand theirs.

Faced with the possibility of having her beloved city of Athens governed by Poseidon, Athena goes on a quest to find the perfect gift for humanity. What she finds, instead, is a friendship with an unlikely ally who has her questioning her very purpose.

Tiresias lives simply, spending the days propagating new varieties of plants and conducting research. Little does he know that the unnamed plant he is working on could be the very thing that keeps a cherished goddess on her throne.

Athena must make a choice…save her people from a known tyrant or stay with the person who has stolen her heart. The goddess’s decision should be easy, but she is no longer thinking like one.

Athena’s Challenge launches 2/5/23!

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History didn’t always give them a happily-ever-after… it’s time to change that.

The Goddesses In Love Series

Book 1 – Love For All Seasons (Hecate & Hermes with Persephone & Hades)

Book 2 – Medusa’s Secret (Medusa & Hermes)

Book 3 – Athena’s Challenge (Athena & Tiresias)

Book 4 – Web Of Lies (Arachne & Morpheus) – TBA

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