Medusa’s Secret

In Ancient Greece, sometimes death is only the beginning…

Medusa’s human form, granted by the virgin goddess, has always been enough for her. Until now. No longer a virgin, Medusa now faces banishment from the temple and Athena’s legendary wrath.

Perseus’s love for Medusa breeds poison when kept a secret from all who live on Mt. Olympus. To have a life together, the couple must air the truth, even if it shakes the foundation of the Parthenon.

Medusa struggles to embrace her monstrous past, as Perseus is faced with a choice – to embrace a hero’s life or to follow his heart’s desire. The collision of their destinies forces them into a world that neither imagined.

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History didn’t always give them a happily-ever-after… it’s time to change that.

The Goddesses In Love Series

Book 1 – Love For All Seasons (Hecate & Hermes with Persephone & Hades)

Book 2 – Medusa’s Secret (Medusa & Hermes)

Book 3 – Athena’s Challenge (Athena & Tiresias)

Book 4 – Web Of Lies (Arachne & Morpheus) – TBA

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