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Soundtrack of my Life – Entry #6 – Break My Stride – Matthew Wilder

For those of you who are familiar with everything 80’s…I apologize in advance for the song that will be stuck in your head the rest of the day.  For those of you who aren’t, this next entry in the Soundtrack of my Life is something that resonates with me at this particular point in my life.

I have had my fair share of setbacks, some self-induced, and some completely out of my control. I have had friends and family members pull me out of some pretty dark places and for those of you who have been there for me, I am forever grateful. What this song reminds me of, is that ultimately, I am the one in control of my destiny. If I want something bad enough, the only one that has the power to manifest it…is me. So, while it took me 30 plus years to come full circle back to writing, I know that I need to pursue it with everything I’ve got. Let’s face it…no one lives forever.

So while I am not dreaming about being in a little rowboat to China, I do have to say that the chorus of this song is exactly what I am telling myself on a daily basis. I keep this in mind as I write down the stories that have been rolling around in my head for decades and when the occassional setback comes my way, I remember:

Ain’t nothin’ gonna break-a my stride
Nobody gonna slow me down
Oh no, oh no, I got to keep on moving
Ain’t nothin’ gonna break-a my stride
I’m running and I won’t touch ground
Oh no, I got to keep on movin’ – Break my Stride by: Matthew Wilder

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