My latest Google search topic…

I write romance, so it couldn’t be helped… my latest Google search topic was “Hot Scottish Men in Kilts.”  It truly was for research purposes I promise!  While I was looking for the perfect Logan in my current work-in-progress, I found a ton of amazing pictures of very handsome men, but alas… no one that represented the man I had pictured in my mind. Perhaps that was because the man I had pictured in my mind was a werewolf, but more on that later.

I did finally have some luck, and while he isn’t wearing a kilt in this photo and he needs to have a smidge more hair, I am sure you’ll agree, once book 3 is released that I did finally find the perfect mate for Fire!  For anyone interested in taking a peek into my brain and checking out my inspiration boards (totally giving you a disclaimer here and letting you know it is at your own risk), you can find them on Pinterest at: daauthor.