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Inspiration Image – Playing with Fire

Fire Inspiration Nettie

Due to some major plot holes and disconnects in my core theme, I have been spending several weeks rethinking Book 3’s direction. I am happy to announce that I am finally there, having worked out my main character’s heritage, occupation history, and most importantly, the location of the elemental portal for Fire.

Sera is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters to write. She is passionate about everything she does, and is able to keep up with the strongest of men. Her intended mate Logan already has my heart. He is wickedly handsome with an awesome sense of humor. While they may not agree on a lot of things, the one thing that they have in common is their loyalty to the people they love.

This picture found me right around the time I completed my revised outline, and it nails the image I have in my mind for Sera. I am so excited to bring her to life, and can’t wait to share her adventures with you all! If you are interested in updates on the series, please be sure to follow me!