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Books on my Nightstand…

In my spare time, for the most part … if  I’m not writing, I’m reading. While participating in the book events this year with The Muse Crew, I met a lot of wonderful authors. I’ve added some of their stories to my “to be read” pile, and thought it would be fun to share the books I have on my nightstand with you. Once I have the draft complete for Playing with Fire, I’m going to dive right into some of these amazing books!

Dream FrequencyDream Frequency by S.J. Lomas

The Rest Falls Away by Colleen GleasonThe rest falls away

Chip dipChip Dip by Brian Anderson

Murder in the Lincoln White House by C.M. GleasonMurder in Lincoln

And even though I haven’t met her yet…

Small great thingsGreat Small Things by Jodi Picoult

I’m really looking forward to checking these out in the first few months of 2018! If you have read anything fabulous lately, please be sure to comment on this post to let me know what I should be lining up next! Happy Reading everyone!