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Guest Post – Jewel Writes Romance Blog


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Well, Zilla has been up to it again and has arranged another guest post.  She is really taking this “characters develop a life of their own” stuff literally!

This time, she has snuggled up to Jewel E. Leonard who is releasing her latest book Alight on December 21st! For anyone who loves Fantasy Romance just as much as I do, be sure you check out her blog!

So while I don’t agree with Zilla that Erebos isn’t necessarily a bad guy, I do have to admit that she did have some nice things to say about my first series.  You can check out her post here at:

I would like to thank Jewel for opening her blog up and cross-promoting a wide range of Indies. I would urge you to check out some of the other authors, they really have some great stuff listed!  Who knows… you might find your next favorite writer! And remember, please show Jewel and her new book baby some love when Alight goes on sale tomorrow! I know I will be adding it to by “TBR” pile!