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Book #3 – Playing with Fire!

I did it you guys!  Finally finished the complete draft of my third book in the Power of Four Series!  I can hardly believe it and was bummed that it happened so late at night that my entire family was asleep! They are not off the hook, the celebration is pending. We will take care of it as soon as I dig my way out of my writing cave!

I can’t wait to share Sera’s story with you, and her BF Logan has a very, very, special place in my heart. I have to admit that for starting out as a stubborn alpha werewolf, he sure ended up like a big ‘ol teddy bear! My characters often end up surprising even me!


The cover reveal will be coming soon, I have editors to line up and marketing pieces to pull together first. I am excited to see what my designer comes up with, it is always fantastic working with other creatives who allow me to participate in the process!

Look for special sneak previews in upcoming weeks! You can follow me in any number of ways (which is frightening to think about) by following this link to my follow page. Please be sure to pass my links along to anyone you know that might like fantasy romance with a magical twist! I am actively seeking new readers who will be kind enough to leave reviews, so book clubs that read this kind of stuff would be awesome!

Last, and certainly not least, be sure to check out my Pinterest page for all the images I came across while writing Sera and Logan’s story!  I think it is the best way to get a peek behind the scenes, or into my brain whichever you are more comfortable with…

That’s it for now!  On to the next project!




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