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Interview with an Antagonist – Zilla


Hello my darlings, Zilla here. I don’t have much time, but there has been loads happening and I wanted to help get the word out. Book 3 in the Power of Four Series  launched on May 25, 2018!

D.A. Henneman has done a pretty good job at describing the facts, although she did spend altogether too much time on the love story between Sera and her hunky werewolf boyfriend Logan. I mean do we really need to hear all the randy details of their fiery relationship? I like him and all, we do go way back, but honestly, aren’t cats a bit more interesting? Wouldn’t you rather hear about what’s been going on with me?

Cat green eyes

No? Well, I supposed I can’t blame you, he is a looker! I’ve seen him naked and have to admit if I wasn’t already head over heels in love with Erebos I might have given him a go. Not that he would have let me willingly since he was set on waiting for his “true love” and all, but I have my ways. Anyway, I digress.

If you’ve been following the series at all, I hope you know by now that I’m not all that bad. True to her nature, I am a slave to the will of Fate, and so decisions aren’t always mine to make. If you haven’t been following the story, you still have a chance to catch up on it before dipping into the third book. Just ignore how terribly I’m painted in the first two books when you download them from Amazon, Kobo or Barnes and Noble. Book 1 – Sea of Dreams is where you meet Erebos and honestly, you need to ignore what is said about him as well. My poor darling can’t help himself, which you will find out in Book 2 – Winds of Change.

Playing with Fire is where the proverbial shit hits the fan, although I do have to admit that I should have seen it coming. Not that the future is my thing really, that was always up to Fate to monitor. But ever since she started talking in riddles, it has been nearly impossible to determine which of our choices we should stick with. I mean honestly can Sevilla and I really be blamed? Who can understand a thing Fate says? Perhaps there is someone out there that is good with riddles and can figure her out, but I just don’t have the patience. I’m glad Sevilla is speaking to me again; she at least controls the past and is able to provide some guidance. However, you know what they say about learning from your mistakes, and she is always sure to point out mine. The past is something that she needs to get over, but you didn’t hear that from me!

Anywho, in the series, you learn more about me and my two sisters and about the role we are forced to play when it comes to the elements. What it doesn’t explain, is just how we all got to be in this crazy situation, to begin with, but D.A. has promised that she will be writing a prequel soon to explain all that. In the meantime, I need to be happy, that as the books go on, you are learning more about my situation and that it shows that I actually am trying to help. I never really understood how I got such a bad rap just because I happened to be having sex with the guy who is trying to absorb all the elemental power for himself. Honestly, how can you blame me? I mean have you seen him? Yummy!

Now I’m all worked up. Here’s an excerpt from Book 3 for you to read while I pull myself together:


A frightening chain reaction begins during a four-alarm for firefighter Sera Cardoso. The tattoo decorating her chest warns her away from danger, but this time is different. Visions in the flames of a handsome stranger with whiskey-colored eyes haunt her. Later, when her punching bag smolders and the water in her shower turns to steam, Sera unwittingly breaches a divide between her world and a magical land called Wisteria.

Logan Blackwood is edgy and dangerously close to the end of his mating cycle. If he is unable to find his soul mate before three cycles of the moon, his life will be altered—forever. When the fiery Sera enters his life, he can hardly believe his luck. He’s waited a lifetime for her, but there’s a slight problem—she doesn’t seem to feel the same connection.

Sera is the element of Fire and is as hot and unpredictable as the flames she represents. Her decision to accept Logan into her life is the first of many she will need to face. With the help of the other elements, she is exposed to a world of magick and mystery. It will be up to Sera and her new friends to correct the imbalance in the elemental powers, before evil rules not only Wisteria, but earth itself.

So my lovelies I must away, have loads to do and need to sneak it in before Roy gets back. My sister Sevilla and I aren’t able to perform a lot of the spells we used to, so we are hiding what little abilities we have from him until we can find a way to escape. We’ve had to go back to the simpler magic, and you can follow what we are doing on my Facebook at:, if you are interested. So far, I am still able to access my social media accounts, but I may not be able to continue that for long. He is becoming more powerful by the day, and I haven’t seen poor Erebos in weeks. Their duel personality is really taking a toll on us all!

If you like fantasy, romance and stories about the magical lands that parallel yours, then you will love the books by D.A. Henneman. You can learn more about them at the following links:


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D.A.’s Website:

Be sure to sign up on D.A.’s website for updates on our story, or the future stories that she is working on. You will definitely want to check out the prequel when it comes out, since the story is about me… oh and my sisters of course!

Must run my lovelies!  Chat soon! ~ Zilla