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Playing with Fire…Get it while it’s hot!


So excited to announce that Playing with Fire is on sale until July 4th through Kobo! For anyone who hasn’t heard of them, they are worth checking out! They have a wonderful app that allows you to read on your phone or electronic device, and it saves your place in the book if you have to walk away.

I made the decision a little while back to not put all of my book sale “eggs” into one basket, so while I still have a presence on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, I felt that this company was making great strides in author support and I wanted to be part of that movement. So far they have been great to work with, so send them some love!

I also have a favor to ask… for anyone who has purchased my book from either me, or any of the aforementioned places, please consider leaving a rating or review, or both! It really helps with visibility, and might get my book in front of people who may enjoy it just as much as you did! And be sure to check out the other authors running a promotion through Kobo between June 28th and July 4th!

Happy reading! And thank you all for your continued support!