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#MythicalCreatureMonday – Hippogriff


Similar to a Griffin, the Hippogriff has the head and beak of an eagle, with talons and feathered wings. While the body of the Griffin is that of a lion, the Hippogriff’s body is that of a horse, making it an excellent creature to carry passengers. Its impressive wingspan also makes it one of the fastest creatures in the air.

The most recent famed Hippogriff that comes to mind is Buckbeak from the Harry Potter series, but you can also find them referenced in other works such as the poem Orlando Fuioso (1516) by Italian author Ludovico Ariosto. Interested in reading his works? Here is a link!  

Poetry not your speed? Well here is a snippet from the scene with Buckbeak in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Isn’t he the cutest?