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Books on my Nightstand – #6

So I recently finished one of the books on my Nightstand that had been there for a while, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. You can follow this link to my review on Goodreads if you would like, but basically, I can tell you now that I really liked it! For me, the writing style was a tiny bit off-putting since the genre I write in is not typically present-tense, and there were pieces in there intended to put you in the seat of the action, which I am still undecided on. What hooked me though was the story and the way that the magicians found each other through their shared passion. The characters were well-developed and there was just enough intrigue and romance to keep me flipping the pages.

Night Circus

The Discovery of Witches was another chunker! After reading this book, I decided that shorter books were definitely going to be moved up in the order! Loved the whole idea of a Witch falling in love with a Vampire, you know, the whole forbidden love thing, but what I absolutely loved was the fact that he did yoga! A super fun way to look at how these characters would truly interact if they lived among us. I will be honest, it did drag a bit in some areas for me, but otherwise an enjoyable read!

Discovery of Witches

There are so many books I have added since last I did a post like this, I have been listening to a crazy amount of podcasts and checking out those authors, but I have also had several friends have book launches and of course have to check out their stuff. Some of those books are here below, and if they look like something that would interest you, I have provided the author links.

Breaking His Rules – Aliza Mann

Headlights, Dipsticks and my Ex’s Brother – Heather Novak

Naughty Nightly – Sage Spelling

Pledge of Ashes – Amy Sevan

Shielded by the Lawman – Dana Nussio

Trust me, there are so many more than that! I have promised myself to get through some of these before purchasing more, but we all know how that works! Let me know what you are reading below, or what books you have on your nightstand!

Happy Reading! XO