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Books on my Nightstand – #10

So just did a review of my last list, and now that I will be staying in for the next few weeks I am hoping to make much more headway than I have the last few months. I did manage to finish the following books I had mentioned (and loved them), and am linking the images to my Goodreads reviews for you to check out if interested. You can also follow me there at:

In the wilds of Alaska, grieving former marine Colter Hayes shuts out the world…until he and his combat tracker dog become Kensie Morgan’s last hope of finding her long-missing sister. The improbable mission starts to rekindle Colter’s desire to rejoin the world—while saving Kensie from a killer unsettles his heart. Can they find all they are searching for before it’s too late?

Elizabeth Heiter – K-9 Defense

State Trooper Kelly Roberts joins Special Agent Tony Lazzaro’s task force, determined to bring down a cybercriminal preying on young victims. Solving this case is a chance for redemption. If Kelly catches the killer, she’ll be one step closer to solving her best friend’s abduction. She never expects to fall for Tony. But trusting him means risking everything she holds dear…

DanaNussio – Her Dark Web Defender

The first rule of book club: You don’t talk about book club. Nashville Legends second baseman Gavin Scott’s marriage is in major league trouble. He’s recently discovered a humiliating secret: his wife Thea has always faked the Big O. When he loses his cool at the revelation, it’s the final straw on their already strained relationship. Thea asks for a divorce, and Gavin realizes he’s let his pride and fear get the better of him. Welcome to the Bromance Book Club. Distraught and desperate, Gavin finds help from an unlikely source: a secret romance book club made up of Nashville’s top alpha men. With the help of their current read, a steamy Regency titled Courting the Countess, the guys coach Gavin on saving his marriage. But it’ll take a lot more than flowery words and grand gestures for this hapless Romeo to find his inner hero and win back the trust of his wife.

Lyssa Kay Adams – The Bromance Book Club

I am planning on taking advantage of my newly found downtime to squeeze in some of the reading I had to put on the back burner. One of the books I am really looking forward to diving into is A Secret History of Witches by Louisa Morgan. I have a couple of books planned for 2021, and want to start getting my head into “witch-mode” so I am ready to roll when the time comes. I am also planning quite a few posts on the subject of witches and the craft, so if you are into that kind of thing, stay tuned!

I am also very much looking forward to checking out J.R. Ward’s The Savior a book that I am super excited to read after getting to meet her last summer. She is a force! It has been a while since I have lost myself in the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, and I am beyond ready to dive in.

Lastly, (and only because I don’t want to overwhelm you with the actual number of books on my TBR), I will be dipping into Jennifer Armentrout’s Storm and Fury. I haven’t had an opportunity to read any of her books yet, but she spoke at one of the conferences I attended, and was extremely passionate about her craft. I am really looking forward to seeing that passion on her written pages. And the fact that her Heroine can see ghosts and spirits… even better!

What books do you have on your TBR pile right now? I would love to know! Especially if you have just read something that knocked your socks off! I am especially looking for suggestions on anything Witch, Witchcraft and the like. Drop me a line anytime at or comment on any of my social media links which you can find here.

In the meantime, happy reading and all my love and wishes that you stay happy and healthy! XO

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