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Soundtrack of my Life – #Entry 24 – Memories by Maroon 5

I love Maroon 5 and this song has been on my mind for some time to be referenced in one of my Soundtrack posts. After 6 weeks of a shelter-at-home order and at least 2 more weeks of it in the unforeseeable future, I felt its time had come. My Muse chose today to pipe up and I know that when she dictates I need to start transcribing what she says. She is bossy that way. But she also knows when I need to pull the kettle from the fire, so to speak, and since I was ready to whistle it was definitely time for this next post.

Image from: Pixabay

This song has particular meaning to me, not from a break-up stand point, but in the chorus as we give a “toast to the ones we lost on the way.” There are tears brimming as I write this, since there are so many I know who have lost their loved ones during this global pandemic. Whether or not it was related to Covid-19, they weren’t able to properly grieve by having family come over in their time of need. The helpless feeling of knowing I couldn’t be the one that held someone as they wept, or provide a hand to someone held as they took their last breath shatters my heart. I am having a hard time reconciling the thought of so many people having been buried with only a few people present. I understand the reasons, but it isn’t something I have had an easy time with, since it doesn’t give people a chance to say goodbye.

Toast to the ones here today

Toast to the ones that we lost on the way

‘Cause the drinks bring back all the memories

And the memories bring back, memories bring back you

Memories by Maroon 5

I too have lost people I know and love, and have been on the precipice of losing some who thankfully recovered from this horrible virus. Our common enemy doesn’t care about political sides, race, sexual preference, age or gender, nor does it retain itself within the borders of the lands that we believe we own. It’s entire purpose is to live, multiply and thrive, and it doesn’t care who it kills while it does it. That is the scariest and most sobering thought of all.

And while the current deaths and illnesses in no way lessens the suffering that otherwise happens, it does bring light to the fact that we aren’t able to process our feelings in quite the same way. I realized I needed to be cognizant of that as I moved forward with my “new” daily routine. It is far too easy to disconnect from the world and the things that are happening, if you never leave your home. I needed to stop, take a breath, and recognize those that I have lost in the last few weeks, because I have no idea when it will be that we can say our final goodbyes. I didn’t want another minute to go by before I said mine.

So today’s Soundtrack is to all the people I have lost along the way. I love you, miss you, and most of all, I wish you peaceful travels. I will be lighting a candle for you and will have a drink in your honor. And please know, I wish I could have done more. This song is also for my friends and loved ones that are here today, I miss the time we spend together and look forward to seeing you again when this crisis has passed. You are always in my thoughts and until we can hang out in person, I will raise a virtual glass to you as well.

And for everyone who is sheltering at home and keeping your families safe by not going out into the world unnecessarily, thank you. It is genuinely appreciated. XO