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My 2020 Writer Goals – Mid-Year Check-In

Holy Cow you guys! I can’t believe I am halfway into this year! I decided to check in with my goals for 2020 since last year I let a few projects get away from me. If you are interested in seeing my prior post, you can link to it here. The following updates are what I have managed thusfar. Considering the year we have had so far, I am calling it a win.

So this year’s theme word went back to “Balance” and I believe, so far, I have managed that pretty well. At its core, that is what my series is all about, so having that word as my focal point has been really good for my Muse. Not only am I striving to maintain balance in my creative life, but also in all of the other things that fill my days. Keeping balance has been extremely important during the Covid-19 stuff, and subsequently everything else going on in our world as I write this.

Balance Pic

So here is my 2020 list, and an account of where I am at to date.

Complete Edits on Sea of Dreams (Book 1) and Publish Third Edition (Don’t ask) – Editing!

Complete Edits and Publish Heaven on Earth (Book 4) by June 2020 – 80% Complete!

Complete research on magick systems for Heaven on Earth – In progress!

Clean up all versions of the books and launch a box set for The Power Of Four series – In progress! I got as far as reworking the blurbs and getting a graphic designer in place.

Edit and Redraft Secret Squirrel Project and Query the heck out of it through 2020 – 😦

Draft and Complete 2 more in the Secret Squirrel series by end of 2020 – 😦

Pitch secret squirrel at the RWA Convention in 2020 and find an Agent! – Convention was canceled due to Covid-19, so this plan will be pushed to 2021!

Research for my 2021 Single Title project and non-fiction reference book – In progress! Origins of Witchcraft posts have been going out on Mondays!

Learn and implement Ads/Marketing once series is complete – Need to start!

Take the Self-Publishing Course by Mark Dawson – About 35% Complete!

Complete Goddess Short Story for Anthology – Added to my list with 9/1/20 deadline!

So I am pretty happy with my progress so far, although I imagined I would be a little further on than I am. It always is that way though, I bite off way more than I can chew.

What are some of your goals in 2020, and how have you been doing with them? Let me know below! I would love to hear from you! In the meantime… Happy Writing! XO