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Soundtrack of my Life – #Entry 25 – Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed by Shania Twain

I know I have said before that Country is not entirely my thing, but I have always loved Shania Twain. She has, without question, bridged the divide between Pop and Country since her first song came out decades ago. I came across an interview with Kelly Clarkston (who I also love) which gave some insight as to what has been going on in Shania’s life in the last several years. Like so many others, she has been through some stuff, and, if I’m honest, way more than her fair share. But she is back, creating on her own terms, and absolutely nailing it! If you want to check out her interviews you can head to The Kelly Clarkston Show here.

While I haven’t been through what she has, I can completely empathize. I have had friends and family struggle with relationships after divorce, medical hardships and during the re-invention process in their later years. And her message in this latest album is one that brings hope to those moving toward their second chances. What I hear loud and clear is…it can be done, and it can kick ass!

Image from Pixabay

I’ve mentioned before, the crossroad that brought me back to writing was Cancer. The disease swept in and out of my life long enough to make a lasting impact, and is now the lens through which I see the world. Not everyone’s journey is the same, and some suffer much longer than others, but I have learned, it should never invalidate the experiences that mold you. Those experiences have worth and I have found owning them is the best thing I can do for myself creatively.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, I promised myself I would follow my Muse. I would put anything I felt I “needed” to do aside, if something that I “wanted” to do inspired me. Giving myself permission to go down rabbit holes that I would have otherwise put off has been a blessing. I have tapped into some really great stuff that way, and my Muse and I have been working in a symbiotic relationship ever since. What was great about this morning’s journey, was that I not only re-kindled my love for an artist’s music, but I also connected with the core message of her current journey.

I’m swinging with my eyes closed
Got my hair down a wide open road
I’m swinging with my eyes closed
Only god knows how far it goes

Shania Twain – Now

This particular song from her new album jumped out at me as it sums up what I am feeling right now. I am just off the “high” of finishing a project that I started shortly after my diagnosis and treatment. A project that, at the time, seemed Herculean, but has been something that I have learned to slay over the six years of its production. Yes, six years folks. And now that it is over, I am looking back over those years and seeing all of the ups and downs, smiles and tears, and realizing that it isn’t about what I have written, but of the journey along the way.

When I set out to do this I made a promise to myself. A promise that I would finish what I started. Fulfilling that promise to myself is the best feeling ever! And now that I am here, I have to admit the list of things I want to complete is longer than when I began. Go figure. That is the wild part about fueling the Muse, she has an endless supply of inspiration for those who wish to listen. I am so excited for where she is going to take me, and truly feel as if I am “Swingin’ with my Eyes Closed.”

So today’s Soundtrack is dedicated to all the people who are struggling with their Muse right now. Not only does it take time to connect to her, but the timing needs to be perfect. Sometimes it takes six years and, sometimes, you have to go through the fire and out the other side before you truly appreciate the message she gives you. But what I believe is that making a commitment to her is always the first step, and if you are struggling with that right now, hang in there. You will get there. There is never a better time to follow your dreams than “Now.”

Wishing you more inspiration than your Muse can handle! Much Love! XO