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Origins of Witchcraft: Mystical Locations: Sedona – Arizona, USA

Sedona isn’t necessarily a place you think of when you think of witchcraft, at least I didn’t, but it is a very spiritual place that attracts people from all walks of life and religious beliefs. The energy is different there, due in part to the vortexes and mostly due to the fact there are so many welcoming people that are eager to share their experiences and knowledge with you.

As part of my Mythical Creatures Monday series, I thought it would be fun to delve a little deeper and provide pieces of research that might not make it into my posts otherwise. Today I would like to travel back to a place that I absolutely loved, Sedona, Arizona.

Chapel of the Holy Cross

No matter the religion you connect with, Sedona is loaded with sacred energy. There are a number of area churches that call Sedona home, however, there wasn’t one more scenic or special for me than the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

High atop a hill overlooking the nearby valley, the Chapel is a wonderful place to get a sense of place. The expanse of red stone and ancient rock formations are enough to take your breath away. Just to give you an idea of the area, that home down the hill is a whopping 8,100 square feet! This view was taken from the sidewalk leading into the Chapel.

View from Chapel of the Holy Cross.2016

Anytime I go to a place that offers it, I light a candle for those who have passed. That service is available here, and there is a small sanctuary where you can mediate quietly. Just down the stairs there is a large gift shop that has gifts from a variety of religions, and staff ready to answer any questions about the site.

On the way out we took a picture of one of the gardens along the walking path. It was an peaceful place and the entire experience was worth the bit of a drive. Parking is at a premium, and there is a bit of a hike, so be prepared with your best walking shoes!

Garden at the Chapel of the Holy Cross

Haunted Hamburger

There were no shortages of places to eat in Sedona. However, my friends and I were feeling adventurous, so took a drive to Jerome, AZ. It is a town that was called the “Wickedest City of the West” in 1903, and while we didn’t see anything “wicked” there was some fun stuff to see there.

Jerome is located on a winding road that circles around Cleopatra hill, and the Haunted Hamburger is dotted right at the top. On a side note, the speed limit there is 25 MPH and no matter what kind of a hurry you are to see the sunset, you don’t want to go over that speed in this town. Trust me.

Haunted Hamburger Sign – Jerome, AZ

The views are amazing, and there is an active art community there so be sure to go early enough in the day to do some shopping! Lots of walking here as well, but you can always rest with a drink and burger before heading back down to find your car! Just be sure that no wayward spirits tag along, there are plenty there that could do so!


The shopping in Sedona is incredible, and there are a number of stores that feature local artists. You will want a few days to take it all in as everywhere you look you can see something that is inspiring or beautiful. I have to say that being there really filled my well of creativity, so much so that it became the location for Book 3 in my Power of Four series!

While you are there, you won’t wan’t to miss the Tlaquepague Arts & Shopping Village. I spent a day there and while I spent a lot more than I had planned on, I had never seen so many unique pieces of art, jewelry or clothing. There are places to rest and catch your breath, and you never know who you might run into while you are there. Here I am with my friend Mark, but couldn’t tell you what we are looking at. 🙂

DA with Mark Twain.2016

There are multiple shops that carry crystals, candles and incense for those who are interested in adding a little magick to their lives. Shopping here was a wonderful and unique experience!


The vortexes are also something that made it into my series and that I am completely fascinated with. There are 4 main areas in the Sedona area you can go to experience the energy, and the locations are serene. We went later in the afternoon, and there weren’t many folks there, but I understand that people of all religions find it a wonderful place to meditate or pray.

There are maps and and information for a self-guided tour, or there are a number of retreats if you would prefer a group. Either way, these places are just the ticket for someone who is looking to tap into some creative energy.

Grand Canyon

Okay, so I know the Grand Canyon isn’t in Sedona, but it is only a few hours drive from there and well worth the trip to see! I can’t even begin to tell you how powerful it was to be there and the photos just don’t do it justice.

Grand Canyon

The drop is a long way down, and there are no fences folks! I can’t tell you how many people, aka kids, who were getting way too close to the edge for my comfort level. Thankfully, I was with a group of ladies my age, none of whom were super interested in getting any closer than what you see in this picture. It is said that out of the dozen or so deaths that take place each year there, about 3 of them are related to falls. After reading this article by Suzanne Gamboa of NBC News, combined with what I saw folks doing, it is hard to believe there aren’t more. I can tell you that my comfort level was being tested in this picture below and I wasn’t very far off the walking path. In my defense though, I am a grade A introvert!

A little nervous DA at the Grand Canyon

I realize that traveling right now isn’t possible due to Covid-19 restrictions and illnesses, but I believe that it is never a bad idea to have a list of places you would like to get to if given the opportunity. For those looking to put some spiritual beauty into their lives, I believe Sedona, AZ should be high on the places to visit!

Where have you been that filled your creative well? Is there somewhere you are longing to travel that you haven’t been yet? Let me know in the comments below! And until we are able to travel safely again, happy writing! XO