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Morning Irritation

By: D.A. Henneman

Written 9/18/13

Alarm Buzz

Head full of fuzz

Stayed up to late

Shower can wait!

Didn’t do whites

Kids homework not right

No time to eat

Have traffic to beat.

She missed the bus

Just my luck!

Schools out of the way

Now traffic’s delayed.

Dropped her at loop

I forgot my damn soup!

No time to stop

Did I just pass a cop?

Was I going that fast?

How long will this last?

Gotta get to my job

I am ready to sob.

Back on my way

What a start to my day

I should head home

Hit work’s number on the phone.

Cough, Cough, I’m ill

Gonna stay home and chill

Now back in bed

To sleep like the dead.

Author Note – Wanted to mention that this was a school project I worked on back in the days when I had kids at home. There are still days that feel like this though… and I think most parents will completely relate to this post. Hang in there!

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