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by: D.A. Henneman

I drained the darkness from my soul today.

Despair had bled into every crevice of my psyche.

Beyond empty, hollowed thin as a shell,

I attempted to draw from my well of inspiration.

It was dry as scorched earth.

Action must be taken as inactivity breeds anguish.

So, I pick a lane and move forward.

I’m no longer worried about the destination,

only that the journey takes me one step further from pain.

I’m ready for the wilderness…

to take hold of a life that I didn’t recognize as mine.

Until now.

I spread my wings and settle my thoughts… Deep breath

Inch toward a destiny of my choosing,

one which toxic fingers can’t touch.

I choke on the words “Harm to None,”

after the ambivalence you’ve shown me,

Do you trust I have the best intentions for you?

You probably shouldn’t.

The truth is… I’ve given you meaningless letters,

ones you didn’t acknowledge since you stopped listening long ago.

You are blind to their true meaning,

to the power they give to my heart alone,

A heart that has now passed the darkness on to a willing host.

You’re welcome.

And now my first step…

I purged the darkness out of my soul today, it wasn’t serving me.

It’s found a new home.

Perhaps it will serve you better.

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