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What another Author’s debut meant to me

Recently I was offered the opportunity to be a conversation partner for a debut author at the request of the program coordinator at Schuler Books. I had put the call out to my writing group, but with no one available that evening, I offered my services. I worried that I would have nothing in common with a contemporary YA author, but boy, was I wrong and the coordinator had it so right. She told me that all I needed was a love for romance books and enthusiasm for chatting about the writing process. Well, check and check!

RaeChell Garrett was a delight, and her family filled every chair provided for the occasion. You could feel the love like a warm blanket. What I realized, as we went through the questions I had prepared, was that we had more in common than I could have imagined. We both lean more toward the pantser end of the writer spectrum, we both love smart and sassy characters, while we love the idea of writing every day we don’t always make that goal, and we both have family and friends who cheer us on every step of the way.

It was the first time I had ever done anything like that and I was nervous, but being part of her launch that day was so fun! The excitement of sending your first book out into the world is a feeling you never forget, or at least that is the case for me. And while every subsequent book is just as exciting to launch, there is something extra special about holding your first “book baby” in your hands. Being able to share that moment again with another author, was something extremely special and I hoped to help make her day as memorable as I could. Her publicist sent me an ARC of her release the week before our meeting, so I set some time aside to give it a read. You can check out my Goodreads review here: It was adorable and while I loved getting the ebook, there is nothing more special than getting a signed copy of the hardcover! Connecting with her on social was fun also, she can be found easiest on Instagram

The best part of the night was meeting her family… they were amazing! I am still inspired by their enthusiasm which allowed me to relive the thrill of sending my first words out into the wild. Remembering that I too had created something that could transport someone into another world to experience something that I created was just what I needed. Her excitement, and that of her family, woke my Muse who has been napping since NaNoWriMo 2022. The entire experience got me writing again which was well worth powering through any nerves I may have had about speaking in public.

I want to thank Schuler Books for including me in such a special and meaningful debut. I had a lot of fun that night and if you are in the area of Grand Rapids, Okemos, Ann Arbor, or West Bloomfield, MI, please be sure to stop by one of their amazing stores! I would also like to wish RaeChell Garrett the best of luck and am sending you many wishes for a long and successful writing career! I can’t wait to see what you write next!

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