Having fun with research!

With a draft of my second book behind me, and the third staring at me from the blank screen of my laptop, I decided I needed a break. Mixing research with pleasure took me to Sedona, AZ, which was not only an amazing trip, but ended up being a fabulous setting for my next book. The people are friendly, the colors of the ancient stones are brilliant, and the food is out of this world! I especially liked learning about the area vortexes, which are sites used for meditation and spiritual healing.

My experience with the vortex was quick, not much more than a brief walk to the peak. I did notice a small tingle in my lower arms and fingers, and felt the most overwhelming sense of peace and connection to the area. There were no deadlines, no communications with the outside world, just me and the endless beyond, filled as far as you could see with powdery red mountains. The pull was undeniable.

Sedona, AZ – Vortex Site

It would have been easy to check out Sedona, or even the Grand Canyon by way of the internet, but I’m glad to have made the trip to both in person. Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon is something I won’t soon forget and photos can’t do this magnificent place justice. Both Sedona and the Grand Canyon filled me with a sense of awe and wonder, replenishing my soul just in time to feed my next novel. Honestly, I believe it’s like that with most places you travel. The experiences you have flavor the memories you keep and, often times, the stories you tell.

When describing a setting, if at all possible, I highly recommend visiting it in person. Take in the culture, talk to the locals, and breath in the nature that makes the area unique. Your writing will thank you and so will your soul. Where does your story want to take you?

Grand Canyon