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Playing with Fire – Cover Reveal!


I am so excited to announce I am one step closer to launch and may even be able to pull it off a little sooner than originally planned!  Still shooting for mid to late May, since there are sooooo many things that I need to have lined up before I am comfortable with releasing my third baby into the world. However, I do have to say that the stars are aligning, so to speak, so fingers crossed for early May!  For now, I want to share the fabulous cover design that we ended up with!

After a few dry runs, with a completely different model who just wasn’t working out, I finally found the PERFECT Sera. Once we found this model, the design work fell into place and the designer was able to get me just what I was hoping for!

So without further ado, here is the cover reveal for my third novel… Playing with Fire!


Excerpt – Playing with Fire – Book 3 – Power of Four Series

A frightening chain reaction begins during a four-alarm for firefighter Sera Cardoso.
The tattoo decorating her chest warns her away from danger, but this time is different. Visions in the flames of a handsome stranger with whiskey-colored eyes haunt her. Later, when her punching bag smolders and the water in her shower turns to steam, Sera unwittingly breaches a divide between her world and a magical land called Wisteria.

Logan Blackwood is edgy and dangerously close to the end of his mating cycle. If he is unable to find his soul mate before three cycles of the moon, his life will be altered—forever. When the fiery Sera enters his life, he can hardly believe his luck. He’s waited a lifetime for her, but there’s a slight problem—she doesn’t seem to feel the same connection.

Sera is the element of Fire and is as hot and unpredictable as the flames she represents. Her decision to accept Logan into her life is the first of many she will need to face. With the help of the other elements, she is exposed to a world of magick and mystery. It will be up to Sera and her new friends to correct the imbalance in the elemental powers, before evil rules not only Wisteria, but earth itself.

It was so much fun going back to Wisteria and meddling in, I mean writing about, the lives of these colorful and entertaining characters! I can’t wait to share Sera and Logan’s story with you all! In the meantime, be kind to one another and look for magic in everyday life… it’s all around you! XO

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