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Sea of Dreams Book Promotion

Book 1 of my Power of Four Series is free through Kobo until August 12, 2018! If you like Fantasy/Romance with a magical twist, click here to check it out! Here is an excerpt: Strange things are happening to Brooke Fisher that causes her to question her sanity. Her hot coffee freezes, her hair turns… Continue reading Sea of Dreams Book Promotion

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Playing with Fire – How about a tease?

Looking for something to read this holiday weekend? Like fantasy romance with a magical twist? Well, then check out the first chapter in my latest book - Playing with Fire! Chapter 1 The radio woke Sera Cardoso with a start. “Four alarm at 89A and East Cornville, all units respond. EMT in route.” As she shook… Continue reading Playing with Fire – How about a tease?

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Countdown to Book Launch…My Timeline and Other Thoughts…

Finishing a book is a huge deal, and this post in no way is meant to dissuade anyone from writing one. As a matter of fact, I believe everyone has a story to tell and should do so, if for no other reason to allow others to get to know a side of you that… Continue reading Countdown to Book Launch…My Timeline and Other Thoughts…