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#MythicalCreatureMonday – Saytr


Saytrs by far are one of the most fun to be around, although they can be a lusty lot. Their upper bodies are that of a man, but from the waist down they are all goat. For you ladies who don’t like a lot of hair on their men, the Satyr won’t be on your list of potential partners, since his upper arms and body are peppered with hair.

What the Saytr does bring to the table is their love of drinking, music and merry-making. They are companions of Dionysus, the Greek God of wine, and spend most of their time chasing Nymphs. One nymph, by the name of Syrinx, was so bothered by a Saytr’s attention, that she was turned into hollow water reeds by the River Nymphs who took pity on her. Frustated, the Saytr fashioned the reeds into a set of panpipes, forever to play his soothing melodies on her new form.

While the Saytr is an interesting mythological creature, I’m not sure he is the right fit for my current WIP. There isn’t much merry-making in Twist of Fate, at least not from how it is looking at this point. Perhaps I can sneak him into a future book? Now there’s a thought! For now, he will be filed away in my research, leading me ever onwards to the perfect creature for my story.

What sort of creatures have you included in your Fantasy writing? Have you ever used a Saytr? I would love to know, just drop me a comment below! Happy Writing! XO