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Books on my Nightstand… #4

Okay, so just so you know, my nightstand has turned into a full-blown bookcase and I still need more room! I had to completely re-arrange my house after bringing home all of those amazing books from the National RWA Conference and while I managed to fit them all in, I realized that I have 3 more totes in storage (mostly Stephen King) that need to come home! I need a bigger house!

Anywho, I hadn’t done a post about my To Be Read (TBR) pile in a while and thought it would be fun to fill you in on what I was reading, so here we go!

Most recently finished Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, and posted a review on Goodreads which you can find here. Loved the magic, angst and plot twists which were very well done. Genre is YA and fits in the Fantasy-Supernatural and Mystery-Thriller categories.

Red Queen

I am currently reading Stone of Fire by J.F. Penn and am loving the elements of the occult blended into the story. I’m not far in, but I can tell already I’m going to like it! The author is passionate about travel, psychology and religion, and it shows in the way she blends these three things beautifully in her work. For those who like Mystery, Thriller and stories that include religious artifacts, you may want to consider this series.

Stone of Fire

I am also going to dip into some non-fiction in between my pleasure reading and excited to start The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell, and just finished Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. It is always fun to read other writer’s takes on the process we all ultimately go through when drafting a book.


Lastly, will be finally starting a book that came recommended by a writer friend of mine, The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. I am really loving all of the YA and NA books that have deep and rich plots and amazing characters! They make for great reading and I am definitely taking notes! This one is also beautifully formatted (I have a hardcover), I absolutely love the Chapter headings!

Cruel Prince

So what is on your TBR pile? My list of things to be read is pretty much endless, and I will no doubt have to start downloading files to my Kindle and Nook more in the future. While I love reading both ways, there is just no more room in this little house of mine for the hard copies! But…there is something special about flipping the pages on a brand new book…isn’t there?!?

Would love to know what you think… Print or Digital? Let me know below! Happy Reading! XO

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