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Heading into the #WritingCave


Perhaps it’s more of a grotto, but I’m sure you get the picture. I’m to the point in my manuscript where you will be hearing less from me since I’ve committed to a deadline with my editor. I’m still trying to tie up the loose ends of my current #WIP, Twist of Fate while simultaneously planning the beats of the final book in this series, Heaven on Earth. While I will still be posting, my interaction and engagement might be a bit on the slim side. I apologize in advance if I seem scattered, but… well… I’m a bit stretched.

It has been challenging in many ways to write a prequel, 3 books into a 4 book series, but I know for a fact that the timing on it, at least for me, couldn’t be better. Twist of Fate is told from, you guessed it, Fate’s point of view. For anyone who isn’t following the series, she is introduced in Winds of Change and has a bigger role to play in Playing with Fire. She is one of 3 sisters that dabbles with destiny and helps mentor the ladies that embody the elemental powers. As with every story, there is more to the tale, and in order for me to know where I was going, I really needed to investigate where it all began. This was especially true as it relates to my antagonist Erebos AKA the Shadowman (or Roy if he’s particularly crabby). Knowing why he has issues and how they impact the elemental balance, was something I really needed to wrap my head around.

This book has surprised me, leading off into areas I wasn’t sure I would be able to go. It is definitely darker, but in many ways necessary since I believe in providing a satisfactory ending to all of the crazy subplots I have planted throughout the series. What will be really nice is that I will have a good feel for Roy’s motivation in the final book. That will be invaluable as I wrap up the stories for these characters who have grown near and dear to my heart.

So please forgive me, dear reader, as I curl up in my cave and do what I have to do. The anticipated release of Twist of Fate is December 2018, and I most likely will be diving into another cave by then, this time more along the line of a hobbit hole or dwarfish cave. You know, something earthy. While I’m not really one for camping, I’ll do whatever I have to do to give as many characters as I can the Happily-ever-after they deserve. Can’t believe the end of the series is just around the corner! Can’t wait to share it with you! But first…I have to write it! Holy Hell!  I better get on it!

Stay Tuned and Happy Reading! XO

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