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#MythicalCreatureMonday – Nereid


Unlike Mermaids who are known for seducing sailors and dragging them to the depths of the oceans, Nereids are friendly and protective of their sea-loving humans. They are known to predict storms and warn sailors of rough seas ahead. Nereids are not equipped with a tail like Mermaids but have been seen riding naked on the backs of all sorts of sea creatures such as dolphins, sea horses, and other marine creatures.

Naiads preside over the freshwater sources such as rivers, streams, and fountains. Unlike Nereids, Naiads can be dangerous or seductive, but it is worth getting close since the waters they guard are thought to have healing properties or to bring on prophetic visions.

For those of you who love mythical backstories, here is a link I found:

I’m curious to know if anyone has ever used either one of these lovelies in their WIP. Drop me a line below and let me know! Would love to learn more about them, I am super interested in using them in future writing!