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#MythicalCreatureMonday – Firebird


In Russian folklore, the Firebird’s plumage glows red, orange and yellow like a fire, and eats the golden apples of immortality at midnight in order to light up the night. In a prominent fairy tale, Prince Ivan finds a tail feather from the bird and embarks on a quest to bring the bird back to his father’s kingdom. Through trials and tribulation, and a bit of treachery from his two older brothers, he is able to return to his father’s house on a flying carpet carrying the Firebird in a golden cage. The Prince was probably set for life since when the bird sings, pearls fall from his beak.

To hear a story about the Firebird, check out this Myths and Legends podcast: You might want to add them to your podcast list, as they have an entertaining way of presenting all sorts of stories from myths, legends, and fairy tales.

The Firebird is definitely something that has my creative juices flowing, and I may or may not have something planned for this creature in a future book. Stay tuned! XO