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#MythicalCreatureMonday – Fairy

Okay, I get they are cute and all, but everyone in Wisteria keeps telling me that Fairies aren’t so nice and I’m beginning to agree. I mean, look what happened in Labyrinth! They are definitely mischievous and can really shoot me off in a different direction when writing if I’m not careful.

I had heard of Fairies stealing babies and replacing them with their own, which we know as a “changeling.” But what I didn’t know is that the Vila (Fairies of Eastern Europe) are so protective of the lands and animals they watch over, that they will lure humans that do harm into a magic circle and dance them to death. Suppose I would rather go out dancing than crushed in a landslide or drowned in a river, which are their other favorite modes of punishment.

As much as I’m trying not to include them, they seem to be sneaking into the story anyway so I will be researching them in the weeks to come. Now that I’m writing, I have to laugh at the scene in “Labyrinth” with Hoggle. Check it out above if you aren’t familiar with it, and if you haven’t seen this movie you have your assignment!

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