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Soundtrack of my Life – #Entry 26 – I’ll Always Love You by Taylor Dayne

We have an upcoming wedding in our family, and the topic of “first”songs came up recently. I was married just fresh out of the 80’s when hair was still big and all of the romantic ballads included a saxophone solo. The song I have on my soundtrack today is one of the most memorable from that era (at least for me), since it also happens to be the song I picked for our first wedding dance.

The song I chose has a deeper meaning now than it did over 30 years ago (wow! where did the time go!). The lyrics are always what I connect to in a song, and this one really hit the nail on the head at the time when I was planning my wedding. The lyrics are even more poignant now as I look back on our marriage and reflect on all of the things we’ve been through. How could my younger self know that would happen? I believe it may have been a bit of magic, honestly.

The year 1991 (and end of 1990) generated a long list of songs that could be used for a couples first dance together, many of which I had forgotten about until I wrote this post. I am embarrassed by that because who could forget Bryan Adams’ “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” or even Michael Bolton’s version of “When A Man Loves A Woman.” You can’t help but get the feels with either of those!But if I were have to pick a song to sum up the last 3 decades of my life with my husband, I may honestly have to pick Taylor’s song again.

As a couple, we have been through a lot, how could you not during that length of time? And reconnecting with this song during the planning process of a wedding that isn’t ours, but that celebrates the next generation of love and family, makes me weepy. Don’t get me wrong, they are happy tears, but when I listen to the song choices for the Bride and Groom-to-be, I realize that songs, and our connection to them, tell a story about who we are. The songs chosen for a day when such an important commitment is made, is a big deal not only for the couple, but for us. It tells us a story about the couple and their journey together and gives us insight into the future that they envision for themselves.

So, next time you are at a wedding and the first song comes on, you know the one that the couple chose to signify their first moment as a united front, I have a request. I want you to close your eyes and listen to the lyrics of the song the couple chose. Really, truly connect to it. I promise you, no matter the song, it will tell you a lot about not only the couple, but how they connect and why. And that is the most beautiful story anyone can tell in their lifetime.

So if you are married, or have had a commitment ceremony, what was your special song? Do the lyrics still resonate to this day? I would be interested to know so give me a comment below!

Stay safe everyone! XO